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Yerkes Consulting LLC

"Board & Fund Development, Collaborative Planning, Inclusivity in the Workplace, Outcomes Assessment, & Presentations"

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Yerkes Consulting LLC
"Serving those who serve others in business, education, camps, human services, non-profits, recreation centers and park districts."

Yerkes Consulting will customize presentations and projects to your specific needs.  Working with leadership representatives that you appoint from your administration or associates, a detailed and customized plan is presented for your review and input prior to scheduled work to be done.  Customer satisfaction is the guiding principle of everything that we do.

Our Customized Services Include:
   Board Development
   Strategic Collaboration and Planning

   Experiential Education Curriculum Development
   Enduring Vision Book Presentations
   Fund Development
   Inclusivity in the Workplace
   Keynote & Motivational Presentations
   Organization Outcomes Assessment

   Staff Development
   Women & Leadership


We Serve:

  Day & Resident Camps

  Experiential Education Centers
  Human Services
  Non-Profit Organizations
  Outdoor Environmental Education Centers
  Recreation and Leisure Services Agencies
Schools and Colleges
Women in Leadership
  Youth Development Agencies